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How will the electric scooter look in 20 years?

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There are a lot of new trends that are constantly invading us and not only regarding the means of transportation, but the rest of the industries, too. We are talking about fashion, relationships, gastronomy, etc. There is a new trend for everything.

Many of these new trends are coming back from the past, recreating and renewing already past tendencies.

What happens with the means of transportation is that the past tendencies cannot come back and be part of the new ones. This is basically because of society and the always evolving technology.

The means of transportation are evolving too, together with humanity. Which means that we cannot look back to the carriages and the horses as a way to move and transport ourselves.

Also, in our days, all the companies are looking for an alternative means of transportation or for an alternative version of the already existing ones.

With the climate changes, gasoline and the internal combustion engine are no longer an option for many companies. The electric mobility is starting to gain force and it is constantly challenging the manufacturers. Most of the internationally known brands have already introduced their electric cars, motorcycles and electric scooters.

When referring to the electric scooters, they are definitely a trend now and they are being used from a lot of people, especially in the last year. Their technical features make them comfortable and easy to use and most importantly, they are eco-friendly.

The win-win that the electric scooters offer to the society and nature makes them a perfect means of transportation these days. But, what is the future of the electric scooters and how will day look in 20 years?

Many brands are doing researches and are experimenting with different designs and futuristic models. Some of them will be able to get to the moon, others can fly between the buildings in order to avoid the traffic...This makes us think that there will be a lot of new characteristics for the electric scooters, too.

With the technological improvements, in 20 years the electric scooter will be way more different than now.


The actual version of the electric scooters these days is to be used by only one person.

In 20 years, with the increase of the population, the number of means of transportation will increase, too. This means that the electric scooters will come in two more sizes, one microscopic, in order to be able to fit and pass through everywhere and another one which will be bigger and could be used by more than one person.


According to the speed regulations in the different states, the electric scooters have a limited performance. In many European countries, the maximum speed allowed is 25 km/h.

In 20 years, we believe that the improvements and the technology will be so evolved, that there no longer be any restrictions. The electric scooters are going to be so fast that we won't be able to see them when they pass.


Considering the fact that many car manufacturers are already presenting their futuristic models which are able to fly, we believe that the electric scooters will do the same. Flying electric scooters are going to be the new trend in the near future. They will be modern and even more useful.


There are a lot of options when referring to the design of the electric scooters. We are talking about different colours, different technical features, mobile connection, accessories, etc. Taking into account that there are so many options these days, in 20 years there will be even more. Perhaps, one will be able to even change the size of the electric scooter making it fit into the pocket. Who knows!

With all the technological improvements it is a matter of time for us to be able to fly and convert a giant object into a microscopic chip that could fit anywhere. The same goes for the electric scooters, maybe in 20 years we can travel to the moon and back with them.

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